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Do the courses have a dress code?

As most of our courses are either online learning, or provided via Zoom, we recommend wearing smart casual attire. There will be some movement required, so clothes should not hinder this.

What are the course timings?

Courses provided via Zoom will be pre-arranged. You should be online no later 5 minutes before start of the session.

What is required during online courses and Zoom calls?

Please have pencil/paper available for note taking. We do not allow video or picture taking during the lessons.

In what language is the courses provided?

All courses are currently offered in English. We will continue to develop our courses in additional languages and will notify of this occurrence on our website and via social media.

Are there any qualifications required?

No, you do not need to be qualified prior to starting a course with us.

What are the appropriate ages for our courses?

We provide courses for children aged 6 and up. Our courses are broken into children, young adult and adults, depending on the course curriculum and intended educational goals.

What happens if I cannot attend a scheduled course?

We may be able to postpone a course with sufficient time notice from a student. Please see our terms and conditions related to cancellation, etc.

What certificate is awarded? Are the courses accredited?

Upon completion, we will provide you with a Social Q certificate of completion. Some of our courses will be accredited by an appropriate accreditation entity in the future.