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Social Q

The Founder of Social Q, Ms. Sandra Zemaityte is a leading Social Skill Enhancement consultant and Etiquette expert working for companies and individuals across 20 plus countries. She has studied etiquette in the United States, has worked with royal families, government institutions and business icons. The experience and repertoire of knowledge has culminated into an online platform for those looking to enhance their social quotient or Social Q.

A Diverse Range of Etiquette Lessons

Every social and professional situation requires a different approach, but all benefit from proper and respectful etiquette. SocialQ offers convenient yet robust lessons.

No matter which course you choose, you receive a comprehensive education in appropriate dress, introductions, oral and written communication, and expectations. The guidance comes from a wide variety of sources including successful business professionals, historical foundations, and the principles of ethics and international communication.

SocialQ Etiquette Classes Offer Convenience, Guidance, and Fun

While chock-full of essential information for business and social etiquette, the classes offered here focus on convenience and engagement that helps you learn important skills more easily. They take place over Zoom calls or are self-led online.

You deserve the best opportunity to shine in all situations. In a world full of questionable manners and increasing international communication, understanding of proper etiquette gives you great benefits. Discover best practices and rise above to build a more successful life.

“Money and Power can make contacts but Good Social Etiquette will make them into friends.”


Sandra Zemaityte
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