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Master Etiquette & Build A More Successful Life

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Sandra Zemaityte Social Q

Master Etiquette & Build A More Successful Life

Sandra Zemaityte Social Q

3 Simple Steps to Master Etiquette


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Discover proven, practical and actionable information that will allow you to master the proper etiquette


Implement the etiquette techniques to create more successful interactions in business and life

Elevate Your Status

Significantly improve your professional and personal relationships

Elevate Your Status

Significantly improve your professional and personal relationships

Diverse range of etiquette lessons for professional and personal growth

Principles of ethics and respectful international communication

Understanding of proper etiquette across the world

Easy, practical and actionable information to master etiquette

A different approach to social and professional situations

Crucial skills to create a more successful life and career

You deserve the best opportunity to shine in all situations. In a world full of questionable manners and increasing international communication, understanding of proper etiquette elevates your status.

Social Q Unique Masterclasses For You


Business Etiquette

This course is designed to provide a detailed overview on how to dress, act and speak in a business setting.


Chinese Business Etiquette

This course is for meant for people who are or will be engaged in business with the Chinese.


Children Etiquette 5-12

Manners and etiquette should be started as young as possible. Empower your children with these important qualities.


Powerful Business Woman

All you need to know to become a powerful business woman



Dining Etiquette

While dining has become more casual, having good dining etiquette can help you establish.


South Korea & Japan Business Etiquette

Develop the skills to do business successfully in South Korea and Japan.

Convenience, Guidance & Fun

Watch our lessons at your leisure, from a computer, tablet or a smartphone.

Whether you're looking for business etiquette, dining etiquette or etiquette for children, we provide complete comprehensive guidance.

Our classes focus on convenience, fun and engagement that helps you learn important skills more easily.

Convenience, Guidance & Fun

Who Is This For

Meet Sandra Zemaityte

Founder and CEO of Social Q

Meet Sandra Zemaityte

Founder and CEO of Social Q

Sandra Zemaityte is a leading Social Skill Enhancement consultant and Etiquette expert working for companies and individuals across 20+ countries.

She has studied etiquette in the United States, has worked with royal families, government institutions and business icons. The experience and repertoire of knowledge has culminated into an online platform for those looking to enhance their social quotient or Social Q.

A Diverse Range of Etiquette Lessons

Every social and professional situation requires a different approach, but all benefit from proper and respectful etiquette. SocialQ offers convenient yet robust lessons.

We Empower You To Gain Professional Confidence Through Etiquette Mastery

No matter which unique masterclass you choose, you’ll receive comprehensive education in appropriate dress, introductions, oral and written communication, and expectations.
Mastering proper etiquette principles will allow you to create excellent first impressions and confidently handle your professional and personal interactions.

Proper Etiquette Guidance

Early Etiquette
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Professional Development

Etiquette Around
The World

Proper Etiquette & Good Manners Are Attractive

“Money and Power can make contacts but Good Social Etiquette will make them into friends.” ~Sandra Zemaityte

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