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Dining Etiquette Masterclass

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What I will learn?

  • The basic rules of dining etiquette in both formal and informal settings
  • Meal time — know when to start eating and things to avoid during formal dining
  • Using utensils and eating techniques — master both the American and Continental Style
  • Resting utensils etiquette
  • Learn the art of using chopsticks and things to avoid when eating with chopsticks
  • Some foods can be eaten using your fingers — know all of them
  • Understand the ‘no elbows on the table rule’ and the correct sitting posture
  • How to end a meal properly and know when you can leave the table
  • The proper way to use finger bowls
  • The right way to remove unwanted foods from your mouth so that you’ll never call attention to yourself
  • Sushi etiquette — you don’t have to be an expert in Sushi, but there are some general rules to follow
  • Afternoon tea etiquette rules — the do’s and the don’ts
  • Wine etiquette — the rules of tasting and drinking wine that can elevate the whole dining experience
  • Proper sneezing and coughing etiquette

Course Curriculum

Dining Etiquette Lessons

  • An Introduction to International Table Manners
  • Dining Etiquette Around the World
  • Dining Etiquette Introduction
  • Excusing Yourself From The Table and Ending The Meal
  • Finger Bowls
  • Food Eaten With Fingers
  • Gristle, Bones and Pits
  • In Conclusion
  • International Table Manners – Country Specific
  • Sitting Down & Starting Your Meal
  • Sushi and Chopsticks
  • Table setting
  • Tea Time Final Video
  • Tipping Around the World
  • Utensil Etiquette
  • Wine Video

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 years ago
I really thought I knew everything I needed to know about proper dining etiquette since I’ve been working as a server for many years but this course really helped me brush up on some basics.
James D.
2 years ago
Great course overall, I learned so much and it was very fun and accessible for me. The lessons are very easy to understand and implement.
Isabella III
2 years ago
I recently moved out on my own and was having a bunch of family over for the holidays. I took this course and it really helped me understand how to properly set the table among other things.
Evelyn Ev
2 years ago
I took this class before hosting a big family dinner and it really paid off. I recommend it for anyone who’s looking to polish up their skills.
2 years ago
I always have to go out to work dinners with colleagues and managers, this course has given me the confidence I need to be able to make a great impression.
2 years ago
I really liked that there’s a whole separate section on sushi! Loved this class for all the variety it has.
Mostafa Mo
2 years ago
Every culture has their own customs when it comes to dining and this course does a great job of giving an overview of how to show proper etiquette when dining with people of any culture or background.
Noah Ran
2 years ago
Did you know that its actually OK to eat certain foods with your fingers?! I truly didn’t know so many of the things I’ve learned in this course.
2 years ago
I really enjoyed how this class was structured and thought it was really beneficial
2 years ago
I took this class because we do a lot of business formals and I feel much more comfortable dining with my coworkers now.
Liam L.
2 years ago
This masterclass teaches you everything you need to make the best first impression on a date!
Ava aa.
2 years ago
I really wanted to teach my kids some proper dining etiquette for a big family reunion and this course really did a great job.
Olivia B.
2 years ago
Take this masterclass if you want to impress your wife on her anniversary. I cooked a nice dinner and had the most elegant table manners, and my wife loved it 😀
Emma S
2 years ago
This course helped my husband and I be prepared for our big day plus we had a blast doing it together. Thanks Social Q!
Adeeva Q
2 years ago
Being in my thirties, I thought I knew everything that I needed to about dining – turns out, I was wrong. Completing this course was very easy – the learning was broken up in to manageable sections meaning that I could complete it at my own pace. Thanks to Sandra for such great advice.
Erankutelsky E
2 years ago
I have been to a few interviews in recent months that were over a meal and struggled on how to engage with my interviewers. This course really improved my confidence in dining and engaging with people in this situation. Thanks very much.
Boazrosis D
2 years ago
Thank you for giving me such great advice on how to communicate while dining and get my ideas across. The table manners section was particularly interesting as I learned many things that I did not know. The course is broken down into manageable one-hour sections.
Mustafasaya A
2 years ago
More courses like this, please! I struggle with social situations and understanding how to communicate with others. This course has helped me greatly in understanding how to greet people, act as a good host and introduce myself to others.
Mbrown S
2 years ago
I was not aware that I needed so much help with dining etiquette until I took this class. I have never hosted an event before but thanks for the great advice from Sandra, I am now excited to host my first dinner party. I would recommend this course to everyone looking to entertain or impress at social events.
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  • This course covers all the important rules you should know to avoid making innocent mistakes that can ruin the experience.


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