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Children Etiquette 5-12 Masterclass

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What I will learn?

  • The way in which they must address grown-ups and how to differentiate between adults and children
  • Understand fundamental table manners, including how to consume difficult food, proper use of utensils, and the dos and don’ts at the table
  • How to spot the needs of others and help meet them
  • Hygiene and proper posture
  • Interacting with other children and handling bullies
  • How public playgrounds work
  • The ways in which they can deal with bad news
  • Rules to follow when borrowing something from others
  • The proper way to shake hands and appropriate contexts to kiss

Course Curriculum

Children Etiquette 5-12 Classes
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  • 02:37
  • Addressing People Properly
  • Bow Kiss Handshake
  • When To Open Doors
  • Notice Needs Of Others
  • Protection Of Others
  • Everyday Good Manners
  • Around The House
  • Fundamental Table Manners
  • Leave The Table Early
  • How To Remove Plates
  • Dos & Donts – Personal Grooming
  • Grooming In Public Part-1
  • Grooming In Public Part-2
  • Public Places Etiquette
  • Interacting With Other Children
  • Dealing With Bullies
  • Rules For Borrowing
  • What Must Be Done After Breaking Items
  • Neighborly Manners

Student Ratings & Reviews

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34 Ratings
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Maria j
2 years ago
Its never too early to start teaching your kids about proper behavior, but it has to start with you! Don’t delay on taking this class because the earlier you start, the easier it’ll be for you in the long run.
2 years ago
This is the only class I’ve found with such a flexible structure and such a wide range of topics! I would highly recommend it for anyone who has a child of any age.
Eric Johnson
2 years ago
The topics in this class are so important for any parent! They talk about toddler table manners and how to properly play with peers from such a young age which is amazing
Tereza Gr.
2 years ago
My mom always told me about what a hard time she had raising my brother and I to be well mannered. She got me this class to help me start early with my own kids and I’m so glad she did!
2 years ago
As a new parent it was really nice for my wife and I to start focusing on behaviors and manners from such an early age, now we feel much more capable!
Gina R
2 years ago
I would recommend this class to everyone. My kids learned so much through the animated videos and are so eager to show off their new skills to all our family and friends!
Carrie T
2 years ago
I regret not putting my kids into this class sooner! I have 3 kids and my oldest two could really have benefitted from this when they were younger but I put my youngest into the class and now hes showing his older brother and sister how to behave, its cute!
Idris F
2 years ago
It was nice doing this class with my kids. We sat down once a week and went through each lesson right before a big family reunion and im so glad we did!
Travis D
2 years ago
Our friends and relatives have mentioned that our kids are a bit rough around the edges during conversation sometimes but after this etiquette class they can confidently have conversations
Jennifer P
2 years ago
We got this masterclass for our ring bearer and flower girl and they loved learning how to behave properly for our wedding. Would definitely recommend this class!
Brandon D
2 years ago
My kids are 10 and 11 and are such mature young adults now after taking the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to help their kids transition to adulthood.
Amrita W
2 years ago
I really enjoyed going through all the lessons with my kids. Their favorite parts were going through the fun animated videos which was a really effective way to teach the kids about this kind of topic
Hanna S
2 years ago
I cant say enough good things about Social Q’s etiquette class. Whenever my kids go anywhere now all I hear is please, thank you, and sorry. They are learning that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and I couldn’t be happier!
Laddie M
2 years ago
I would really recommend this course to anyone, whether your kids are polite or could use a little bit more work, this class will benefit you!
Ivan J
2 years ago
I like this course because its designed to help kids develop the skills they’ll need to be successful in the future and I’m really grateful for their help! I would definitely recommend this course.
Oliver R
2 years ago
I love the way this course is structured. You can get it done in as little as 60 minutes or you can spread it out a bit more to let your kids practice the concepts throughout. It’s a really flexible format that works!
Greg G
2 years ago
I have two little monsters that were turned into complete angels thanks to this course. Thanks to this course my kids now have amazing table manners which is the main thing I wanted them to learn, but they learned much more than that.
Fatima S
2 years ago
Take. This. Class! I cannot tell you how much of a difference its made for my two little boys who otherwise never understood the importance of proper etiquette. Not only does the class explain how to behave properly, it also explains why. Thank you social Q
Andrea O
2 years ago
My kids learned so much from this masterclass, and so quickly too. We really went at our own pace at first but by the end of it they were picking up the concepts really fast. Highly recommended!
Amber J
2 years ago
I love love love this class. Honestly, at first it seemed like kind of an outdated concept, but this is like etiquette classes for the 21st century. Amazing class overall


  • Have a child at age 5-12
  • Want your child to be well-behaved.
  • Want them to have many good friends, and doesn’t get in trouble at school or bother other kids at the playground.

Target Audience

  • Each lesson is delivered in a bite-sized animation video to make sure it can keep children engaged with the lesson, as well as helping them remember the lesson easier.

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