Chinese Business Etiquette Masterclass

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Things to consider for a successful business with Chinese

We probably don’t need to tell you; to be successful in China, you must do your business in their way. Not knowing Chinese Business Etiquette before going to the country, is like asking for a complete failure.

You might have heard of Yahoo! and eBay’s failed attempt at expanding their businesses in China simply because they did business in the American way. That’s a BIG MISTAKE. Don’t be like them.

So many things to learn, yet there’s so little time…

Do you know why you must select a group leader before a meeting in China, and that leader must be the only one who speaks during the meeting?

When negotiating a business deal, do you know why speaking too much will the other party feels uncomfortable in doing business with you?

If you want to give something to your Chinese colleague, do you know the items that you should avoid, or else you’re going to break your business relationship?

These are just a few examples of so many things you should learn about Chinese Business Etiquette. And yes, as you may expect, most of the things you’ve learned about doing business in the western world would be completely useless in the country.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Ways to get in touch with the Chinese
  • Proper rules for handshakes
  • Ways of addressing the Chinese people
  • Table manners, formal Chinese banquets, rules of seating arrangements
  • The importance of Guanxi
  • What Mianzi (face) means
  • Fundamental points about the Chinese system
  • The meaning of specific gestures
  • The art of turning down a request without saying a No

Course Content

Chinese Business Etiquette Lessons
Open to see all the lessons

  • 04:17
  • Meeting and Greeting People
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Saying No
  • The Business Meeting
  • Relationships
  • Chinese Banquet
  • Table Manners
  • Toasts & Drinks
  • Business Gifts
  • Guanxi Meaning
  • Mianzi
  • Chinese System
  • Hosting the Chinese

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